She was a quiet and submissive creature,

The world praised her for her sober nature.

She smiled to hide sorrow of her soul
Wronged and wretched by the people well known,

Who cared for their sisters, daughters and wives
And treat these women as their pride.

They are aware and awake with issues that matters
Within the small boundaries of their houses scattered

She yelled for help on something wrong,
That had been there like a poison and thorn.

For long time…
From slow careful approaches the thorn gained
Pleasure from the pain that it ingrained

In her who absorbed everything until one day…….
She cried and begged for help….

Instead of the thorn being removed….
Her hands were cut, her eyes were burnt, her lips were sewed.

Until her grieving soul was finally confiscated,
By people who worship goddess were the ones to suffocate

Her zeal and zest for life, her roots
And to speak and stand up for the truth.

For the teachings from her Dad
To protect her dignity and protest,
Against the beastly world full of detest.

Oh people of today!!!!
Your hands stained red with blood
Of the grieving soul and spirit behold.

Be prepared to be in HER place very soon,
She will arise and fight back till your doom!


Independent soul…

After the mighty storm,

Thrashed by the waves she struggled to breathe at the shore

With a smile on her face to shine and hide the inside roar,

Of her crying soul appreciating the magnanimity of harshest reality.

With every tear she gears up for unseen challenges with clarity,

It was not as subtle and supple to stand so sternly,

By her words of soul that spoke of sacrifice and love so truly.

Unprecedented events forced her to mould and mend her thoughts-

She could barely absorb and unfold the usher of suffocating knots.

She summoned the courage and embraced pieces of her heart,

Slowly and stealthily indifference crept down, pain unearthed,

She sufficed in ever way to live, love and care for herself

And celebrate the dawn of new beginning that unfolded.

By the ray of hope a new vibrant chapter of happiness enriched,

Like any other day she embraced courage and stood up to face

The World which is full of storms and silence of the weirdly intriguing race.



Seasons and shades of life

Somewhere deep beneath the soil breathes a new life

Dimensionless unaware of its potentialities to strife

The freezing temperature had held everything so still

Hope awaits magical touch of warmth from the sun with zeal.


With the advent of Spring, germinates a miraculous beginning

Beautiful life gets shape and vibrancy adds a new meaning

The world smiles and blesses the novice attempt to relive

Forgetting the dead cold past, imparts deep sense of relief.


With new heights, open arms the mind readily embraces

Lessons of life so real and elegant that fill the spaces

With memories that imparts sense of love and positivity

To face the challenges holding onto strings of admirability.


Then comes strong winds bashing rains and thunder

Flooding routes and erasing demarcations to render

Clarity of thoughts and aim to follow ahead and struggle

Alone in this maze of faces and paths so vague and juggled.


Not everyone gets the opportunity to retain and revive

You are a blessing to me who kindled the believe

Amidst perplexing power of cold and depressing night

You healed the crevices with nurturing power and might.The-sprout.jpg



Beyond fate…is Will!

Thrashed by the waves she struggled to breath at the shore,
With a smile on her face to shine and hide the inside roar

Of her crying soul appreciating the magnanimity of harshest reality,
With every tear she gears up for unseen challenges with clarity

It was not as subtle supple to stand strong and firmly,
By her thoughts that spoke of sacrifice and love so truly

Blinding hurricane forced her to mold and mend her thoughts,
She could barely absorb and unfold the usher of suffocating knots.

She summoned the courage and embraced pieces of her heart,
Stealthily indifference crept down her veins, pain unearthed
She sufficed in every way to live, love and care for herself,

By effacing the toxicity added by close faces in her life

And celebrate the dawn of new beginning that was brightened
By the ray of hope a vibrant chapter of happiness enlightened.


‘Haanji, Fark Padta Hai!’


Arey bhai Fark nahi padta………! Ek din nahi karne se kuch fark nahi padta……..! Sarkar bekar mein hi ye ban lagayi hai, kuch fark nahi padta…..!

These are some of the phrases that we hear from almost every educated person on social networking sites and in person stating their opinion about the ‘SC ban on firecrackers’ in Delhi NCR region. These are people who think it is absolutely fine to burn firecrackers on Diwali as it is a ‘tradition’. Tradition, a nine letter word, has plagued this country of billion. Every now and then we fight for our rights against the set traditions which are meant to be followed forever.

“Ek seher mein ban karke kya hoga…. Duniya nahi badlegi ek din mein…….!” are some of the opinions of those who talk a lot about changing the world but feel paralyzed when they witness a tiniest spark of change in the society.

The Supreme Court has ruled to ban the sale of fireworks until November 1, 2017. children-animals-problems-crackers-diwali-IndoreHDEven a few days of ban on the combustion of firecrackers has resulted in drop in level of particulate matter (PM) in air as compared to the last year. The government has exercised control in the emission of pollutants like NOx, CO, SOx and other particulates from exhaust of vehicles but there is no estimate on what amount of pollutant is released from a single cracker.

Besides augmenting air pollution, noise pollution is also a gift of Diwali. Lots of birds die due to the spike in the decibels of sound produced by crackers. Diwali, festival of lights, does not mean to darken the atmosphere by smog (combination of smoke and fog or moisture in the environment). The surge in PM to PM2.5 is very harmful to humans, animals and plants. Although a ban on smoking in public places supported, is protested by the same group of people. Ironical isn’t it?  The biggest problem in our society is that we tend to know everything but still act numb or sometimes even protest the ‘right’ because we are too adamant to change the so-called tradition of cracker combustion on Diwali.

“What about the other sources of pollution? What is the government doing to curb it? We cannot imagine Diwali without crackers!! Will ban on fire crackers suffice the requisite to control pollution? It is all utter s**t!!!!!!” are some of the questions that arises after such a step from the government from readers with a different perspective than mine. The answer to these questions is that yes there are other dominant inevitable sources of pollution like vehicle fuel combustion, garbage and crop burning, industrial effluents, etc. that needs strict attention. But, all these don’t happen overnight. A noble and calculated step like this from the government will definitely raise awareness among the society which will trigger a long-term change.

“What will happen to thousands who suffered unemployment due to this recent ban?” The sale of crackers in Delhi accounts for approximately 30% of overall sale in the country. Ban on crackers is a bolt from the blue to a lot of traders and workers in Delhi NCR. There are several ways to manage the unemployment.  Such traders can engage in other business besides selling crackers.

It is a time to stand up for the cause and support the ban of crackers. We should also appeal for the ban in other states. The sale of most unproductive thing like crackers might offend some ‘business-minded-blinded’ people but will be a panacea for billions.

“Haanji, Fark padta hai…! Apni soch badalne ki der hai”

There is definitely a remarkable change that follows we just need to re-direct our perception and accept what is right with all our will and zeal. Lets, celebrate the festival of lights with twinkling lights without deteriorating our health. Impart meaning to humanity which has long been lost somewhere. Share and care for the people and animals in need instead of wasting money on crackers. Wishing you all a ‘Happy and safe season of festivity…’ 🙂