De-press-on the DEPRESSED!

imagesIn this ever progressing world, where we have moved from bricks to skyscrapers , gadgets to satellites, earth to space in other words from knowing nothing to finding almost everything.  Now it seems that we are the most superior and ultimate beings on planet earth. Unfortunately, our thoughts and outlook to the world has not paralleled the heights that we have reached so far. For instance we have not been able to conquer the most fickle, uncertain and potentially destructive thing , that is , our mind.

There are millions of problems that we face every day. Problems ranging from the ailing earth to inflation or some other professional or personal problems in our short lives. Some of us claim to change the world to resolve all our problems and uplift our living status. But when it comes to action we sit numb waiting for an initiative or sometimes sarcastically mocking the same ‘changes ’ that we claimed to achieve.  Some of us make laws then some mend those laws and ultimately the laws are either violated by the powerful or overly & strictly imposed on the mediocre. We hold a multiple perspectives  on matters concerning change that is the change for the good to be more specific the changes required in our societal norms or the changes required in execution of an action or most importantly the change required in our mindset. The mindset that reflects old and non-sensible notions and perspectives.  The vicious circle comprising the loopholes in our society absorbs all positivity in our surroundings victimizing each and everyone in its infinite circumference. The horrendous reality is that only a few of us can truly find an escape route while others can just do nothing about it and eventually we learn to compromise instead of raising our voices. We are forced to do things that we don’t support and in this cascade of events many fall prey to depression and distress.

Depression and distress are the by-products of our ever increasing day-to-day problems. It is the silent killer as it stealthily creeps in our minds, hides deep within us and remains undetected until it has caused a major loss. This word depression might find itself in various literature and science dictionaries but simply it is the invisible drug that irreversibly damages us. It thrives well within us as most of us deny the fact that we are depressed and to prove this so-called fact we wear a ‘I am absolutely fine’ mask on our faces. It’s not a disease that affects only the poor section as because they cannot afford a drug to cure it rather it affects both the rich and poor sections of the society. This proves the fact that materialistic gains cannot buy everything. It might happen that the richest person having all possible luxuries to soothe his nerves is deprived of the most fundamental an cardinal need called happiness or satisfaction of the soul. These people put on a veil to cover the truth that showcases how pitifully poor they are.

Scientists have proved that hugs cure depression. Also lifestyle changes are simple yet powerful tools in treating depression. Depression is the outcome of stress so analyzing the reasons for stress and ways to reduce it by trying to eliminate the reasons can help reduce stress. Most importantly, building up social connections and seeking for support can prove to be a panacea. In crux, there is a solution to every grave problem. We just need to remove our fake veils and face the reality trying to realize and cope with our problems. because all we need to do is ‘de-press-on’ the roots of depression from deep within us so that we can fully embrace the true happiness and rewards that come in our way.


2 thoughts on “De-press-on the DEPRESSED!

  1. The first paragraph reminds me of Moravec’s Paradox on artificial intelligence. It bascally proclaims complex problems (chess, maps,banking etc) are easy but simple problems (walking, talking, feeling) are hard.
    Mind is supposed to be a simple problem, but our automatic correlation between simplicity and ease is misleading.

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