Negate the Negativity.. :)

Here’s a short poem I wrote on a sultry Sunday noon….
Just like,
Growing through thick and thins defines essence of survival,
Immense sorrow and ecstasy adds feelings to happiness,
Bleeding and healing with time adds meaning to pain,
Darkness and cold adds warming tinge to brightness,
Drought and famine glorifies nurturing nature of rain,
Failures and tears adds joy to the grandness of success,
Toxicity and negativity adds catalyst to positivism.
So now….
You feel I’m broke by your stroke
So red and assassinating as a knife?
Uh Oh! No!
You unknowingly added to the faint color
Of fire on my canvas of life…
A fire that neither burns nor destroys instead,
It enlightens and fills the deep dark wounded voids…
soaring high beyond everything…

2 thoughts on “Negate the Negativity.. :)

  1. Such an amazing poem it is….I loved it and I know the world loves it too….the magic is in your hand and you can make things happen which other people can only think of…..

    Just drop some bombs girl…!!!


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