The Silent Cry

It was Friday night, Sanchi was walking towards her complex. She was late. She had to do overtime at her workplace as it was a weekend ahead. Exhausted and filledimages (2).jpg with lots of thoughts buzzing in her mind she entered her rented apartment. The 630 square feet area in suburban Mumbai was barely furnished and disorganized. Sometimes Sanchi never felt like cleaning up the mess. Feeling stressed, she sat down on the sofa with a sigh. She unpacked the cold packet of paavbhaaji lying on the table. She served herself and as she took the first bite, the tasteless paav reminded the yummy food her mom used to prepare for her. She thought, “May be it was mom’s affection that supplemented the food with taste.” Her mother’s absence impregnated the dim-lit dinning area with overwhelming gloominess. She was not feeling to have the whole slice of bread. She stood up and moved towards her bedroom.

The clock ticked 10:00, she could hear clatter of people singing and laughing. She recalled, ” Oh it was Krish’s birthday today. ” She couldn’t join the celebration as she was late from work. She picked her comb and turned towards the mirror. As she was grooming her thin entangled tresses she noticed her pale face. She recalled the vibrant tinge of her face whenever she met her fiance Aarav. He was a phenomenal person who loved and cared for her a lot. Both were absolutely perfect in their own imperfections. They had to bear the pain of the distance of their long distance relationship.

She realized that she’s lost in the race of success, survival and sacrifice of desires. Tears rolled down her eyes and cheeks. She thought, ” Why am I crying?? After all this was what I wanted….the ultimate independence and triumph. I should be happy. Why I am not satisfied?? What is that is missing?? ” The dead dark silence accompanying her in the room  was the only answer. She retired to bed feeling utterly frustrated of her loneliness. She tried fooling and consoling her heart and whispered, “…All is well….and..all will be well….it has to be..” She fell asleep embracing the numbness of the harsh reality. Her silent cry was the sole prove of her transient attempt towards fetching solace in sorrow.




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